I decided to create Museum as a link website for my screencaptures. At first I was just going to have a gallery, but I decided to make a website to go into a bit more detail on what the movies I add are about.


I have some movies on DVD and I decided to screencap all of them and add them to a gallery to share them. There is no specific subject or type(s) of movies, I'll just screencap movies I own and buy.


I chose the name 'Museum' after I saw the movie, Night At The Museum. This isn't the only reason however. I like to name subdomains words that I would go to, such as bookshop (my graphics subdomain). After I saw the movie, I thought, what about Museum? I love going to Museums. And it is a place! It was a perfect name! Not only that, but people go see pictures at museums sometimes, and what better name than that for my gallery?


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